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The Central Library is surrounded by a variety of parking options. City Code Ordinance 11.68.090 states it is illegal to feed or plug a meter all day and stay parked at a metered space longer than the allotted time.

The parking meters around the Central Library are enforced seven days a week until 11 p.m. ADA parking spaces are not metered.

The small parking lot immediately to the south and on-street parking to the north have a 1 hour time limit. Those meters accept the following combination of coins:

  • Nickels - 15 minutes each
  • Dimes - 30 minutes each
  • Quarters - 1 hour each

The small parking lot to the north has a 5 hour limit. Those meters accept quarters only. Each quarter is equivalent to 30 minutes.

The meters in the large parking lot to the south of the building have a 10 hour time limit. Each dime will grant 30 minutes, while each quarter will give 2 hours.

Free parking is available in the parking garage and on paved lots to the south of Waterman Street. Visit to see more parking options.

Last update: 10/9/2014
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