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Home > Your Library > Internet Access FAQs

Internet Access FAQs

Using WPL's Access
  • What's available --

    WPL provides basic web browser service. With it you can use:

    • The World Wide Web -- linked hypertext documents

    • File Transfer Protocol -- a means to download electronic files

  • What's not available

    For better service and security for all users, you are not permitted to run other programs on the Library's stations. Also, it's not possible for the Library to offer these services:

    • Electronic Mail Accounts
      If the Library is your primary Internet access, you may want to check the free email services available nationally.
      Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and Hotmail provide good service and easy access.

    • File storage
      Files stored on public stations are automatically removed at the end of each session. Library staff can recommend options for saving files created or modified on Library workstations.

Getting Started

If you are new to the Internet and the World Wide Web, these sites are excellent for learning your way around:

For a bigger selection of guides and tutorials, see the Training Links from the Library of Congress.

About Information on the Internet

We'd like to remind you that the Library has no control over what you may find through the Internet. While there is much of value, some information is not always available, some is unreliable or misleading, and some material you may find offensive. If you'd like more information on evaluating Internet sources, see Evaluating Quality on the Net.

Citing Internet Resources

If you cite the books and periodicals you use to support your research, you should also cite online sources in your bibliography. The Citation Page at the UC Berkeley Library will show you how.

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Last update: 2/26/2014
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