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Help Your Child With Homework

Provide your child with...
  • A consistent time and place each day for doing homework.

  • A quiet place to work. Turn down televisions and stereos. Don't make the child concentrate at the kitchen table while dinner is being prepared.

  • Basic supplies such as pencil, paper, pens, rulers.

  • Not-so-basic supplies on occasion, such as poster board, paints or scissors.

Ask your child...
  • Each day about assignments given that day.

  • About due dates for assignments.

  • If they need special supplies or resources (like a trip to the library).

  • Meet teachers early in the year, and stay in contact with them.

  • Talk to your child about completed assignments and grades as the year progresses, not only at report card times.

  • Talk to teachers about assignments if instructions are unclear.

  • Take the time to visit with your child about their day. Show interest and excitement in the daily routine of their school life. It is vitally important to show children that you are interested in them and their education.

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