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"The Art of Reading a Storybook"

While Trees for Life is located in Wichita, Kan., it serves people worldwide. Trees for Life is dedicated to helping people in impoverished communities become empowered, spread knowledge and take responsibility for their own success. Books for Life is the educational arm of this movement. It addresses the illiteracy and lack of education that imprison people in a vicious cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

The Wichita Public Library was a natural partner for Books for Life, which helps establish libraries where they are desperately needed. Wichita Public Library staff members were recorded by the Wichita Public Schools’ (USD 259) media production team as they shared their expertise in selecting great stories to read aloud, storytelling techniques and engaging young audiences.

This high-quality instructional video is now available to all, free of charge, on YouTube. Your feedback is encouraged. All who read to children, including parents, teachers and librarian, will find useful tips. Subtitled translations will soon be available for the numerous languages spoken in the areas that Books for Life serves. DVD copies are available from Trees for Life.

View online

The online version is presented as eight separate videos (links open YouTube in new window):

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Selecting the Right Book

Part 3: Reading a Storybook

Part 4: After the Story

Part 5: Dealing with Distractions

Part 6: Conclusion

Part 7: Judy's Story

Part 8: Gwen's Story


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